1. mold removal chula vista

    Common Misconceptions About Mold Removal

    For Southern California homeowners in San Diego and Riverside County, mold is far from uncommon. California may not be the most humid state on the map, but we certainly have enough moisture in our air to perpetuate mold growth, and countless homeowners find themselves struggling with a mold problem …Read More

  2. Smoke Damage – Wildfire & Smoke Particulates

    What comes to mind when you think of the West Coast of the United States? Do you think of scenic views, great weather, and maybe even sandy beaches? What about rolling hillsides, covered with leafy trees and rivers of grass? There are many great things about the western edge of America and its envir…Read More

  3. Why Industrial Accident Cleanup Should be Left to the Experts

    Industrial accidents are a phenomenon that every business and building owner are looking to avoid. They can cause a huge mess, cause you to burn through untold amounts of time and money, cause lawsuits, and in the worst cases, cause injury or death. To call them a “headache” would be putting it …Read More

  4. What You Can Do to Make Restoration Jobs Easier

    Restoration jobs vary immensely in shape, size, and nature. When a flood runs roughshod through a home, repairing the damage is going to be a completely different process than what we’d do to take care of smoke damage from a fire. But if there’s one thing that’s true for just about all of the …Read More

  5. Restoration Services as Christmas Gifts?

    Christmas is less than a week away, and the clock is ticking. A great number of people are relaxing at home with all of their shopping taken care of, but an equal amount of people are tearing their hair out, having procrastinated on their gifts until the last minute. Don’t worry, we’re here to h…Read More

  6. How to Recover From a House Fire

    Having a house fire can be a crisis of unprecedented magnitude in most people’s lives. Fire destroys just about everything it touches. In a best-case scenario, you’ll be walking away with costly repairs. In a worst-case scenario you could lose everything you love. Dealing with a fire is enough o…Read More

  7. Baseboard Swelling – What You Need to Know

    One of the most common calls we get is people asking about the peculiar changes in their baseboard — seemingly out of nowhere, it has begun to crack, swell, peel, and bubble. What does it mean?! Sometimes, the answer is obvious — water damage in the room itself is a quick path to baseboard swell…Read More

  8. Preparing an Emergency Kit for Fire, Flood, and Other Disasters

    At ServiceMaster Absolute, we have worked with an innumerable number of clients that have gone through house fires, sudden floods, storms, and earthquakes, calling us for the copious amount of damage restoration that is needed thereafter. In working with so many people and being highly educated in t…Read More

  9. Creating a Spooky Haunted House: What NOT to Do

    The hot summer has officially ended, and we now find ourselves in the throes of Autumn. While that doesn’t change the weather for us much in Southern California where it’s sunny year round, it does mean that we can start putting up our Halloween decorations, and, even better — building the spo…Read More

  10. What to Do if You’re Caught in a Burning Building

    As a team who specializes in fire and smoke damage restoration all throughout Southern California, you can bet that we’ve heard our fair share of residential and commercial fire stories. Across all these experiences, there’s always one commonality — being in a fire is one of the most terrifyin…Read More