While we’re just coming to the end of the rainy season in Southern California, there are still continuing reports of flooding across San Diego County. The heavy rains adding to the already brimming rivers and inlets can be extremely damaging for both homes and businesses. Here at ServiceMaster Absolute we are on call 24/7 to offer emergency water damage restoration services in San Diego, CA.

The greatest number of 2015 reports of flooding are coming from the Mission Valley area as the San Diego River continues to overflow from rains. The area is still recovering from the December 13th flood which caused minor flooding in the San Diego area and led to several traffic accidents and power outages.

Caused by a heavy storm rainfall, the flooding had graver effects in San Marco and other areas where previous effects from the Cocos Fire led to flash flooding. For more information on the December flooding, visit nbcsandiego.com.

Even the minor flash flooding in the San Diego area from the December storm had severe effects on homes and business affected by the excess water. Basements flooded, grout, and exterior siding became waterlogged, small mudslides infiltrated into every crack and opening, and humidity rose in the interiors of buildings.

All of these flooding-related issues can lead to water damaged buildings that, if left unattended, may become uninhabitable and unsafe. Even if the most visible problems are cleaned up, the lingering humidity will lead to mold growth and rot.

The winter rains may be beginning to clear up, but the high humidity remains. If your home or business was affected by the December flood or other incidents of flooding and water damage, you may need professional water damage restoration in San Diego, CA.

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