Southern California welcomed its rainy season as the month began. The rain started on October 3rd and trickled on throughout the weekend, leaving San Diego soggy and cooled. Though the rain was moderate, the city still saw the effects of unusual amounts of water on the ground. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we can help combat these effects with our water damage restoration services in San Diego, CA.

During the rainy season, San Diego can experience an average increase in precipitation of 1-2 inches each month. While this may not seem significant, the usually dry weather in Southern California can worsen the effects of new rain.

Dry ground, especially ground that has been dry for extended periods of time, is resistant to water absorbance. Unable to soak into the topsoil, new rainwater simply sits on the surface, pooling and eventually causing floods on roads, lawns, and along building foundations.

Even the light rains in San Diego over the weekend left cars hydroplaning over highways. On Fletcher Parkway, one car rolled off the slick road and landed upside down on the off-ramp from the 8 Freeway.

If the rain continues, possible coastal sites of flooding include Mission Valley and Mission Valley East along the San Diego River, Spring Valley near the Sweetwater Reservoir, areas in Chula Vista along the Sweetwater River, roads near the Otay River, south eastern roads in Logan Heights, and low roads in Carmel Valley.

Over the next few days, The San Diego County coast and inland are predicated to see around 1 inch of rainfall a day, and the mountain regions are expected to see 2 inches or more.

Since the rainy season lasts from around October to April, San Diego residents can expect to see even more rain over the next few months. However, because these are some of the first rains of the season, and the drought and fires of the summer have left the ground hard and dry, these first rains may cause the most water damage.

To stay updated on weather and traffic information, follow San Diego County DPW on Twitter, and if you experience water damage during the rainy season, contact us at ServiceMaster Absolute for water damage restoration services in San Diego, CA.