As California heads deeper into the rainy fall season, San Diego County residents run the risk of being unprepared for the higher levels of precipitation. Northern and Central California faced a cold front late last week that dropped almost an inch of rain on the San Francisco area. When bad weather hits you this winter, remember to call us at ServiceMaster Absolute for professional water removal in San Diego, CA.

Though the coastal regions of San Diego County see mild, sunny weather throughout most of the year, late October through April can see an increased average of nearly 10 inches of total rain. February alone averages around 2.5 inches of total precipitation.

The next few weeks, San Diego County residents should expect to see at least a .25 inch increase in rain along the valleys and coasts, and at least a .5 inch increase in rain in the mountain regions. Increasing winds blowing in with these cold fronts also pose greater risks of building water damage for San Diego homeowners.

The long drought across California in the past year has left the ground dry and prime for flooding, runoffs, and pooling. Home foundations are more readily open to surrounding groundwaters puddling and soaking the brick and mortar, basements are more susceptible to collecting water, and homes in general can be more easily flooded.

More storm and wind advisories are in effect for the following few weeks, so keep an eye on the weather with the National Weather Service Forecast Office and your local news.

If you encounter water damage in your home or business this fall and winter, don’t hesitate to call a professional for water removal in San Diego, CA. Water damage is not easy to mitigate, and waiting too long to call for help can leave sections of your home or business unsalvageable or severely damaged. For more information on water damage restoration help, contact us at ServiceMaster Absolute.