Whether it’s a broken pipe in your home or a natural cause, flooding is a disaster. It can damage your electrical system, walls, floors, appliances, and furniture. Sometimes the damage to your furniture can go unnoticed until it’s too late to fix. We don’t want you to have to buy all new furniture after a flood in your home. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we have comprehensive water damage repair services in Chula Vista, CA.

After all is dried and wiped down, it may seem like the dangers of water damage are gone. However, the destructive actions of flooding can persist in your furniture long after the flood itself. These parts of your furniture are especially susceptible to water damage:

Wood: Wooden furniture is beautiful, but unfortunately, wood is very fragile, especially when it comes to liquids. Wood is porous and acts like a sponge when introduced to water and other liquids. If a flood occurs in your home, your wooden furniture probably soaked up some of the water, which causes warping, swelling, and rotting. Wooden furniture is treated and often varnished, but that doesn’t make it wholly impervious to water damage.

Glue: While the glue holding parts of your furniture together is meant to be water proof, it shouldn’t be expected to hold up under floods. If you don’t quickly dry your furniture after a flood, glued on decorations might suddenly fall off later on.

Upholstery: Cloth and leather also act like sponges when introduced to water. Large amounts of water can cause upholstery to rot or mold. After flooding, you should take care to completely wash and dry your upholstered furniture. Our water damage repair services are equipped to handle this difficult job.

Dye and paint: While most furniture dyes and paints are meant to be waterproof, they can’t always be expected to hold up against flooding. After a flood, you might notice your dyed furniture start to fade or bleed and the paints begin to peel. We can restore your dyed and painted furniture with our water damage repair services.

Metal: While most metal furniture is covered with a sealant or is made of a stainless metal, sealants can wear away leaving your metal furniture unprotected from oxidization. Dry your metal furniture as quickly as possible after a flood to prevent this kind of water damage.

We can restore your home fully after a flood, even your furniture. If you’ve had a flood or water problem in your home, call us at ServiceMaster Absolute for water damage repair in Chula Vista, CA.