ServiceMaster Absolute provides water damage restoration and removal in Chula Vista, CA

Sump pumps are a typical part of any home, even those in Southern California. Flooded basements are a potential risk all year round from burst pipes to malfunctioning sump pumps. When water pours into your basement, a quick call to ServiceMaster Absolute can help you with the water removal in your Chula Vista, CA home. But before the unthinkable happens, you can prevent water damage by checking and performing regular maintenance in your basement.

Checking your sump pump every few months throughout the year is a great routine to start. There will sump-pumpbe fewer surprises, and you can be sure your sump pump is prepared to handle the rainy season when it approaches. When you check your sump pump, there are just a few steps to ensure it is in proper working order and prevent the need for water removal services:

1) Inspect the outlet pipe for damage, debris, and direction. Repair or replace any damaged sections of the outlet pipe. Make sure the flow of the pipe is pointed away from the house. Remove debris that may be blocking the pipe or inhibiting the flow of water.

2) Check the entire sump pump system. Ensure that it’s plugged in and test its function. Slowly fill the basin with water until the pump turns on. Typically, this should happen when there is about 6-12 inches before the water reaches the floor.

3) Check the float. This is not found in all sump pumps, but when in place, it acts as a signal for the sump pump to turn on. A well-functioning float ensures that your basement will stay dry.

Even with the most detailed preparation, Mother Nature can still throw a wrench in your plans. Water removal is something that needs to be dealt with promptly and efficiently. That’s where ServiceMaster Absolute comes in to the picture. Our IICRC trained technicians are experts when it comes to water damage restoration and water removal in Chula Vista, Carlsbad, Escondido, and San Diego County.

ServiceMaster Absolute’s emergency disaster restoration line is open 24/7/365. You are only one phone call away from getting on the road back to normal and restoring your peace of mind.