After a household disaster like a flood in your basement or a home soaked by fire hoses, you can lose a lot of your belongings to water damage. At ServiceMaster Absolute we want to minimize this loss as much as possible. In fact, in a recent study conducted by a major insurance carrier, our company was said to save over 72% of our clients’ contents involved in water damage claims. If you want to save your belongings and restore your home, call for our comprehensive water damage repair services in San Diego, CA.

Before we get to the scene, you can take a look around and see what might be able to be saved. The following are some items that may appear un-salvageable but are actually restorable.

Carpets: Most companies will tell you to replace your carpets and rugs, but we firmly believe that quick action will keep water from damaging your carpets beyond repair. If you can, take all the rugs out of the house to dry immediately after the flooding. If your carpets are attached to the floor, open all the windows and turn on your fans until we get there. If the process of drying your carpets isn’t started straightaway, they can be susceptible to mold growth and rot.

Linens, drapes, and curtains: If these are affected by flooding, rinse them off immediately with a hose before you put them in your washing machine. This way, if there is any extra debris on them, it won’t be deposited into your washer.

Books: It’s such a heartbreaker to lose a collection of books to a flood, but if you don’t mind minimal damage and wrinkly pages, you can still save these gems! Take all your books outside and prop them spine up, fanned out slightly on the pavement. The dry San Diego air will help with dehydrating your water-logged books. If you suspect any mold or bacteria is growing in your books, there are professional book cleaners you can take them to in the area.

Of course, there are many other things that can be saved, but these are the belongings our customers often despair to toss away after a flood. For all other water damage repair needs, call ServiceMaster Absolute for water damage restoration in San Diego, CA.