Water stagnation is a common and natural occurrence outdoors, but if standing water is present in the home, it can pose serious health risks to you and your family. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we provide water damage restoration services in San Diego, CA to remove standing water from rain, floods, and other sources so you can rest easy.

Standing water in nature may be beneficial to many species for reproduction, growth, and food, but in your home, it’s not exactly desirable to have a perfect environment for bacteria, viruses, and pests to thrive.

Organisms found in standing water are often directly linked to diseases, allergies, and infections. For example, bacteria causing diarrheal diseases, Leptospirosis leading to organ failure and meningitis, E. Coli bacteria, Legionella bacteria causing Legionnaires’ disease, antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, Shigella bacteria, tetanus caused by the Clostridium bacteria, the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, and a range of Vibrio bacteria can all be found in contaminated water.

Standing water can also contain parasites like mosquitoes bearing the West Nile virus and cryptoryptosporidium, the number one cause of water-borne diseases in the U.S. Another well-known parasite that thrives in standing and contaminated water is the microscopic giardia. This parasite causes the diarrheal disease called giardiasis and is found in traces of infected feces in water and on food. The Toxoplasma parasite is another dangerous organism often found in standing water.

Several viruses are also associated with stagnant or contaminated water and food sources in contact with that water. Viruses like the varicella zoster virus causing chicken pox and shingles, gastro-harming viruses such as the norovirus and the rotavirus, and even HBV, HCV, and HIV can be found in unclean standing water.

If you often notice standing water in your home, or have experienced a home flood, contact us at ServiceMaster Absolute for water damage restoration services in San Diego, CA. We can help keep your home free of these dangerous bacteria, parasites, and viruses.