ServiceMaster Absolute provides flooded basement water damage restoration in Chula Vista, CA.

Flooded basements can result from any number of incidents including broken pipes, flash flooding, excessive rains, and more. While water damage can be a huge problem for your home, architectural damage may be the least of your worries. If you have a flooded basement in the Chula Vista, CA area, you could be in danger of electrical issues. If you experience water damage, call ServiceMaster Absolute for water damage restoration services.

Flooding, especially in your basement, often comes into contact with your home’s electrical breakers or the main circuits. This can create a huge area across the floor through which the electricity can flow. Never step into the water in your flooded basement since it can be carrying an electrical current. Turn off all the breakers in your home before you do any investigating.

The water can also damage your electrical system creating a risk for sparks and possible house fires. If you have a flooded basement, turn off all the breakers, then immediately call us for water damage restoration. We can clean up your basement with no risk of electrical damage or house fires.

Damaged electrical wires exposed to a flooded basement should be replaced after the water is removed. If they aren’t completely replaced, your electrical system may not be as reliable as it should be, and even in the long term, your home will be at risk of house fires.

We can examine all the components in your electrical system, even if it doesn’t seem like they were touched by the water in your flooded basement. Water can travel farther than it seems. Even if it’s just moisture in the air, a presence of water around your electrical wires can corrode the insulation and leave bare wires. These also make your home a candidate for a house fire.

Electrical damage is often overlooked when flooding and water damage is addressed. The problems that can arise from a flooded basement most certainly include electrical problems, and while they can be invisible to most, we are trained to spot these dangers. Call ServiceMaster Absolute to restore your flooded basement in Chula Vista, CA.