If you have flood damage, you need water damage restoration for a variety of reasons.

The surface damage to a flooded house is easy to see, and most people know that their electrical systems could be damaged as well. But what happens to your home’s structural integrity after water damage? The fact is, unless remediated promptly and properly, the ruinous effects of water can continue to damage your home for years to come. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we offer extensive water damage restoration services in the Chula Vista, CA area to keep your home from suffering structural water damage.

The foundation of your home is the building block of its structural integrity. Flooding can cause disintegration of your home’s base on any number of levels if water damage restoration action isn’t taken. Foundations are often built from cement blocks or brick and mortar. Water can erode and crumble the mortar joints between bricks as well as deteriorate the cement in other types of foundations, compromising one of the most important structural aspects of a home.

There are many layers to most interior walls in a home, and water can get to all of them. Specifically, without water damage restoration, flooding can saturate the gypsum board (also known as sheet rock) and wood studs that make up most interior walls. It will also soak the insulation batting between the outer and inner walls. The continued presence of water in the walls and insulation will lead to swelling, warping, rotting, and mold. Most gypsum boards exposed to water for more than one to two hours will need to be replaced.

Similarly, the floors in your house are at risk, even if they are laminate or tile. Water will start to erode the grout between tiles, just like with the mortar in your foundation. Most laminated vinyl or composition floors aren’t entirely water proof, especially at the edges where the floor meets the wall. Water will eventually curl laminate floors at the edges. For wood floors and carpets, water is especially dangerous. Unless water damage restoration action is taken immediately after flooding occurs, wood floors will swell and could rot, and most carpets will need to be completely replaced.

If the ventilation system is flooded, it can be the most dangerous to ignore during water damage restoration. Flood water can contain bacteria and toxic debris. If left untreated in your ductwork, they can be pumped into your home’s air, even after the water has evaporated.

ServiceMaster Absolute will work hard to keep your home as structurally sound as it was before any flooding or water damage occurred. If you experience any type of water damage, call us immediately for water damage restoration service in Chula Vista, CA.