As winter looms closer, weather-ridden states across the U.S. batten down the hatches and ready their homes for the harsher season. In sunny Southern California, we may not have snow and ice to worry about, but the increased precipitation during winter months can damage homes and business if the effects of this weather are ignored. At ServiceMaster Absolute, you can rely on us for water damage restoration in San Diego, CA.

One of the greatest long-term dangers of a water-damaged building is the possibility of mold growth. Not only does mold growth damage the structure and value of your building, but it also increases the presence of mycotoxins in the air you breathe. These building materials are some of the most susceptible to mold growth in your home or business.

  • Drywall is one of the most common materials in which we find serious infestations of mold colonies. This is largely because drywall can retain moisture more readily than other materials like cement and wood. It’s also because drywall is made from organic materials (gypsum or other types of plaster and paper). The cellulose in these materials is perfect fodder for mold growth.
  • Clay and bricks can also easily collect mold spores in their cracks and pits. Since these materials are so porous, they often hold moisture and organic materials that feed mold growth. Brick or adobe buildings are difficult to keep dry, especially during the winter months in San Diego.

 Wood, especially untreated or old lumber, is another easy target for mold. Because trees are designed to hold moisture when alive, it’s difficult to fully seal lumber for construction purposes. Even after small instances of water damage, wood in your home or business can hold moisture, making it a perfect location for mold growth.

 Foam or insulation between walls and in attics can collect moisture in their loose fibers. Even fiberglass insulation can offer an environment for mold growth if moisture, pollen, and bacteria collect in the air pockets. Foam between wood panels or cement is used as an insulator and can have similar problems with moisture as fiberglass insulation.

These are only a few building materials that are susceptible to mold growth. Prevent mold infestations in your home or business this winter, and contact us at ServiceMaster Absolute for water damage restoration in San Diego, CA.