Water contamination in San Diego is, of course, a fairly frightening concept. We depend on clean, clear water for nearly everything in our day to day life, and the idea that there might be hidden dangers lurking within can be a stressful thought. For this reason, water contamination assessment is critical for homes and businesses. But what exactly constitutes as an assessment? What does it mean, and what are we looking for?

At ServiceMaster Absolute, your safety and protection is of critical importance to us. And to stay safe, we firmly believe relevant information must be shared. So read on, and learn more about water contamination in San Diego and assessment from our certified specialists!

What Constitutes as Contamination?

First off, we have to nail down exactly what contamination is considered to be. Chemicals are an obvious answer, but there’s actually more to it than that. Water contamination is split into three basic categories:

  • Physical contamination. Analyses of physical contamination include a comprehensive check of water temperature, presence of solids and particles, and turbidity. Water temperature plays an important role, as certain harmful bacteria flourish at certain temperature ranges. Turbidity and solids analyses serve a similar purpose, checking for unwanted solid particles and a presence of objects in the water that may cause bodily harm.
  • Chemical contamination. This includes a check for Ph levels to determine appropriate acidity, a check for known harmful chemical and industrial pollutants like insecticides and petrol, and analysis of minerals and nutrients present in your water.
  • Biological contamination. This includes all plant and animal presence in water, checking for harmful microbes and unwanted organic compounds.

When Is Water Contamination a Risk?

Generally speaking, our water is checked routinely by federal, state, and local authorities. This includes a total analysis of water including all known forms of contamination, and overall there’s not much need to be concerned about your water. However, water contamination in San Diego and surrounding areas can become a risk in certain situations.

Major storms, flooding, catastrophes, and even small-scale incidents like a house fire can compromise our home water source. It is in these situations that water assessment becomes crucial, and exceptionally important to your health, and the health of your family.

Keep in mind that during large scale natural disasters, common water sources should not be considered potable (safe to drink). This is why keeping a store of clean bottled water is so highly encouraged in our area.

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