You may have just experienced water damage in your San Diego home, but never fear – SM Absolute it here to help! When you have a pipe burst or an unexpected storm leave puddles behind in your home, you may not know what to do. First and foremost, do whatever you can to stop a leak if there is one! Call a professional plumber to find a way to stop the leak. Once that’s done, it’s imperative that you contact us immediately to come fix your home.

How does water damage restoration work?

Every single water damage project is different, as people all of San Diego have varying levels of water in their home and the size of the area that has been damaged. Once our team arrives onsite and can assess the damage, we will be able to tell you exactly how long it will take to repair your home.


During the inspection, we will see how bad the damage truly is. We can measure the damage by seeing exactly what the moisture content of the home is. Our instruments can be placed on the floors, baseboards, or ceilings of damages rooms in order to see what we are dealing with. If we determine that the moisture level is unacceptable, it will be time to take action.

Standing Water

Our equipment is prepared to handle any standing water in your home! No worries, it won’t be us walking in and out of every room with a bucket. Once all the water has been removed, we have powerful fans to saturate even the hardest to reach places within the damaged room. Depending on your flooring, we may need to lift a section of the carpet or place rugs on the hardwood floor to ensure that everything dries fully. We want to do our best to clean up everything fully so that you won’t have to entirely remodel this part of your home in the future!

Containment and Monitoring

As we dry your home, we will ensure that the wet portions are closed off in order to keep the heat and suction concentrated. This helps us dry the room much faster. We also monitor the space to see how the drying is going. If the dehumidifiers are putting wet air into the room, then we know that things aren’t going as they should. We will monitor all the surfaces we did before moving on to see if we can declare them dry. Once we can, we will move to any other rooms that need assistance!

All Done!

Once we are confident in all of our readings and the overall dryness of your home, our process is thought to be complete! If you believe that you need our help with water damage in your San Diego home, be sure to call the professionals at SM Absolute today! We can help you if you have any other questions about our process and how it might apply to your home.