April and May mark the end of the rainy season in Southern California and the high point in accumulation of humidity in homes and businesses. This time of year is when interior humidity could be at its peak or in a decline. It all depends on the insulation and air flow of your home of business. If you’re worried you might have water damage from spring humidity, call us at ServiceMaster Absolute for water damage restoration services in San Diego, CA.

If you’re unsure how to tell if you have an increased amount of humidity in your building, this information may help you become more aware of the situation and moisture level.

Humidity is a measure of how much water is in the air. Because it’s less obvious than a big puddle of water on the floor, humidity is often overlooked until it seeps and permeates into every crack of the building.

Humidity can water-log the structural materials of your home or business. If humid air is allowed to remain in the building, warning signs of the potential damage that may follow soon appear. Warped paper, glued envelopes and wrinkled books are some of the first signals of excessively high humidity. If you notice these signs in time, you can take advantage of our dehumidification services before the damage gets worse.

If you don’t notice, which, unfortunately, many of us don’t, the moisture in the air will start to damage other things. After warping paper, water molecules will cause wood swelling and warping as they seep into doors, furniture, and wood floors. A door that is hard to open or close and wood floor panels that curl at the edges are both signs of water damage from humidity.

If humidity is allowed to stick around for too long it will introduce a new, more dangerous element to your home: mold growth. Most kinds of mold prosper in dark, moist warm conditions. Coincidentally, those dark corners are where humidity collects the most as well.

Even small amounts of damage caused by the excessive humidity prevalent during the winter and spring in Southern California can be insidious. If you suspect water damage from increased humidity in your home or business, contact ServiceMaster Absolute for our water damage restoration services in San Diego, CA.