When water damage strikes your San Diego home, you may think you have enough problems on your hands. We agree, which is why it is crucial that you call the professionals at SM Absolute immediately after water damage occurs. It takes almost no time at all for that water damage to create the perfect new nest for mold spores! Mold can be found just about anywhere, but it loves to grow where there is warm moisture present.

Ideal Mold Conditions

Mold loves warm temperatures (about 68 degrees Fahrenheit), so the inside of your home is the perfect spot for it to grow. It also grows best where there is dim lighting and very little air circulation to get in the way of its growth. In other words, if you’ve had a basement flood recently, it’s extremely likely that mold spores have found their way onto your walls. These spores move through the air and attach themselves to any damp surface it can. Then, it breaks down the material it’s attached to as it grows.

How Fast Can it Grow?

Mold grows as soon as the spores are attached to something. In other words, you can begin finding mold growth in your home after a water damage incident in as little as 24 to 48 hours, and it will begin to colonize in anywhere from one day to twelve days. Unfortunately, mold can be a problem before you can even find it. Since mold can hide easily, it’s difficult to find all the spores and destroy them properly. Mold can return even after the source is gone, which is why you need to contact SM Absolute when you find mold to be sure that your mold problem is truly taken care of.

What Causes Mold Growth in a Home?

Many problems can lead to mold growth since they encourage mold breeding grounds. Some of these issues include:

  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Plumbing problems and leaks
  • Roof holes and leaks
  • Floor boards and walls that are swollen
  • Water stained ceilings

If you have any of these problems, call our professionals immediately so we can check it out.

Where Does Mold Grow Inside?

Mold gravitates towards wet cellulose materials; however, mold can still grow even after you have solved your moisture problem. It can go dormant and survive even without moisture by feeding on items such as sheetrock, wood, adhesives, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, upholstery, fabric, and carpet. Prevent this from happening by looking into mold remediation immediately.

What Happens if I Don’t Take Care of the Mold?

Mold has many unpleasant effects on those exposed to it, including coughing, skin irritation, memory loss, fevers, congestion, and more. Make sure you don’t subject your family to these ailments! Mold can also be fatal to babies, seniors, and adults with immune system issues.

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