When we think of things that are complete opposites of each other, fire and water come to mind. Water is usually cold, fire is hot. Water gives life, fire takes it away. And, of course, water destroys fire, and that’s one of the main reasons why commercial water damage can actually be one of the worst consequences of a fire.

That’s right, in many cases of a commercial fire, the biggest damage has nothing to do with the fire itself — it’s the result of water damage that occurs because of it. You might be asking yourself how it’s possible for water damage to follow a fire, and it’s a good question. Let’s look at some of the ways this is possible. We’ve seen many instances of the following examples, serving our many clients in the San Diego and Riverside areas.

Water Damage From Flame Mitigation

The most obvious example of water damage from a fire is the simple fact that we use water to put out fires. This can manifest itself in a few ways — a lot of commercial buildings have built-in sprinkler systems on the ceiling which will fire off when smoke is detected. Additionally, firefighters use advanced, powerful hoses that shoot massive streams of water specifically designed for dowsing roaring flames. And, of course, sometimes property owners use their own means of water to soak flames, such as dumping a large container of water over a small fire.

Unfortunately, all this water can cause some lasting damage to your property. This is a situation where you’re choosing the lesser of two evils — it’s basically between damaging your building with water, or letting fire completely tear it down. Not the best situation, but that’s why it’s important to call your nearby professionals in commercial fire and water damage restoration.

Water Damage From Burst Pipes

Another way that water damage can occur from a fire is through ruptured pipes. The extreme heat that comes from a fire can end up melting or bursting pipes, in certain instances, that might result in a sizable amount of water spilling out into your home. Sometimes the leak is small and relatively negligible — in other instances, it can eclipse the damage that the fire causes.

Water Damage From Storms

Finally, it’s possible for water damage to occur because of a storm. In this scenario, the most likely situation is that lightning has struck your building, started a fire, and created an opening through which the accompanying rain can find its way inside. Given that most commercial buildings have protections in place against lightning, this isn’t a very likely scenario, but it’s still something to think about.

Commercial Fire and Water Damage Restoration in Southern California

The bad news is that you definitely aren’t immune to water and fire damage in California. There are many, many commercial buildings that suffer both, from San Diego to Riverside County. The good news is that ServiceMaster Absolute will always be nearby to lend a helping hand. We carry out professional water and fire damage restoration to commercial properties, and we’re extremely equipped for every job, with years of authentic experience. Do you need a professional team to take care of your property damage? Contact us today!