It has been stated many times that one in five Californians statewide will incur large amounts of flood damage in their lifetime. A disaster with that kind of regularity demands that you and your home be prepared in the event of, and after a flood. But how do you handle the aftermath? What steps do you need to take to begin the restoration of your home, and your life?

ServiceMaster Absolute has been proudly serving Southern California for years, and we take your restoration and remediation needs seriously. Knowledge is key, and a quick response is integral to ensuring your needs are met.

Contact ServiceMaster Absolute for your flood remediation needs in San Diego! Our experts carry all of the skill, technology, and knowledge needed to ensure complete recovery in the face of flooding and other disasters.

What to Do After A Flood

Knowing how to handle the aftermath of a flood can be the difference between a complete flood recovery and major property loss. Follow these steps post-flood for your best chance of maximizing recovery:

  • Be safe and wait. Your safety is always our primary concern. After a flood, do not enter your home until it has been deemed by the authorities to do so. Additionally, do not enter your home if the power was left on. Have it cleared by an electrician first.
  • Do not restore power on your own. Appliances, the breaker panel, and equipment should all be left alone until your water situation has been handled, and you’ve had an electrician to your home to dry and restore your electronics. The same goes for gas, if applicable.
  • Contact a restoration specialist immediately. The primary component of a successful flood remediation is time. Within hours you risk further loss of possessions, and potential catastrophic structural damage. Every minute counts, and you need dependable remediation services fast.
  • Avoid floodwater. If there is standing water in your home, it’s best to not come into contact with it as much as possible. Sewage and other contaminants are common in floodwater, and may create health issues. If you must handle items in your home (important documents or items of significant personal value, for instance), wear protective items including sterile gloves.
  • Do not use contaminated items. Foods, organic materials, and perishables should be disposed of to avoid potential health issues.
  • Photograph the damage in your home. If you don’t carry flood insurance, be sure you get it immediately. Note that many disaster insurance policies do not cover flood. It often has to be procured separately. If you do have insurance, photograph damage for claims purposes.

Contact ServiceMaster Absolute for Flood Remediation

Our flood response service is second to none in the San Diego area. The specialists at ServiceMaster Absolute strive to bring you the best services possible, providing peace of mind, and fast, effective restoration services. If you’re dealing with flood damage in your home, contact us immediately for flood remediation you can trust!