ServiceMaster Absolute provides flood cleanup, water extraction, and water damage restoration in and around Chula Vista, Corona, and Carlsbad, CA.

Within an hour of your call, our water damage restoration team can be on site anywhere in San Diego County to assess the extent of the flood damage and water damage. We come prepared to start working right away! Our goal is to salvage any possessions we can from your flooded house, especially your treasured, sentimental items.

In a recent study conducted by a major insurance carrier, ServiceMaster Absolute was cited as saving over 72 percent of contents involved in water damage claims. This means significant cost savings for the insurance carrier and peace of mind for you as the property owner.

ServiceMaster Absolute in San Diego was also cited for excellence among water restoration companies by a large, independent insurance carrier: “In just a few months, the average closing time on property damage claims has been reduced from about 25-30 days to 7-12 days, depending on the claim.”

We’ve “significantly collapsed the cycle time and improved customer service,” helping families and businesses recover from flood damage since 1987. Contact ServiceMaster Absolute today!

Water Damage Prevention Tips

In the case of a flooded house or other potential water damage, you should:

  • Wipe your furniture to ensure it is dry.
  • Lift draperies off of the carpet to prevent further damage.
  • Move photos and paintings to a dry location.
  • Remove as much water as possible by mopping or blotting.
  • Place aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent carpet stains.
  • Open furniture drawers, closet doors, luggage, etc. to dry. This will help prevent mold growth.

It’s just as important, or perhaps more important to make sure you DO NOT:

  • Use an ordinary household vacuum to remove water. This will ruin your vacuum.
  • Use electrical appliances while on wet carpet, as this is a major safety hazard.
  • Go into rooms with standing water if the electricity has not been turned off.
  • Lift the carpet off the tack strip; it could cause stretching or shrinkage.
  • Delay calling for professional help. Time is of the essence, and ServiceMaster Absolute can be at your San Diego home or business to help with water damage restoration within an hour. Contact us right away!

“Time is the enemy when there is a property damage claim. If restoration isn’t done quickly on any claim where there is damage, the condition of the property will deteriorate and it will be more costly and time-consuming to repair,” says Mike Adams, SAFECO assistant director of property claims.

~ Safeco Claims Journal, 11/99

Contact Us for Water Damage Repair and Flood Damage Restoration in San Diego, CA

Floods can cause a substantial amount of damage to your property and cherished belongings. If you have recently experienced a flood that led to property damage, call our water and flood damage restoration experts. We’ll be there quickly to help salvage as much as possible.

We cover a large service area within and outside of San Diego. If you’ve suffered property damage from a flood, contact ServiceMaster Absolute today!

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