It is with a sincere heart of gratitude and appreciation that I write this letter of commendation on behalf of my wife Angela and I for the work that was done by the men of ServiceMaster Clean in Lemon Grove, CA.

I write this to tell you that at a time when we had to have major renovation and floor replacement completed at our home, ServiceMasters Clean and Farmers Insurance walked into our home and personified everything that we have ever taught about excellence, customer service, servant leadership and service that I have ever seen. The ServiceMaster Clean men made this major trial and difficulty in our lives so much easier to bear. They are a model for excellence. Work in my home began in November of 2011.

The attention to detail, effective communication by answering any and all questions, returning every call we made, their calling and checking on us and how we were doing, thorough explanation of the processes that would be implemented at our house were exceptional.

Most important of all is that they were gentlemen and treated my wife, daughter and I with the upmost respect and dignity. They told me that they would treat my house as if it were theirs and that they would insure quality and do what was necessary to meet our standard of excellence. We have never, from any business, received the treatment and care that these men gave us. Please make certain that everyman named in this letter receives a copy of this letter and please place one in their personnel file. I hope that each one of them can use this as a letter of recommendation. Make certain that each one of them is rewarded someway by your company.

The following are the men who should be commended for a job well done:

PO Crew/Fire Team- Scott Web, Content Supervisor; FrankAssofi, Lead Tech; Nawar Buttress, Tech; Jack Zingale, Alan Toma, Andre Duenas, Joe Sanchez, Mike Strickland.

Water Techs- Danny Conklin, Project Manager; Francisco Kempton, Roberto Duran.

Repair Techs- Larry Montalbano, Repair Estimator; Manny Martinez, Supervisor; Jorge Jauregui, Carpenter; Alfrado Rodrigues and Jose Garcia.

In particular, I want to give Larry Montalbano my highest commendation because he guided me through every phase and detail of this job. He needs to be promoted ASAP, if possible. The same for Danny Conklin who entered my home first, with Matt Wyler, Farmers Claim Adjuster and both of these men immediately put me at ease related to what would be and could be done to make my home whole again. They lived up to what they said would be done. Also Scott Web and Frank Assofi took exceptional care of our furniture and contents. I will never forget their team and how well every item was wrapped and packed with love and attention as if it were their own contents.

I have never written a letter like this regarding the work of any business, however, none have ever performed in this manner. My wife and I would allow these men in our home at any time to perform work. The fact that they are young men, performing in this manner, gives us hope about the future of our country and the young people of today.