Recently in the greater San Diego area, an explosion at a Poway business left five injured. The explosion burst through the roof of the Quantum Energy Storage building on June 10th. The Bomb/Arson Unit of the county police determined the industrial explosion did not involve criminal activity, and the hazardous materials team did not find any bio-hazardous or toxic materials. However, incidents like these can easily involve hazardous materials, and calling a professional cleanup service is the best course of action. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we provide trauma scene cleanup services in San Diego, CA for industrial accidents like the Poway explosion.

While industrial accidents may not have bio-hazardous materials present as often as some crime scenes, there are still often dangerous substances on scene. For example, benzene and petroleum coke are some of the most hazardous materials used in fossil fuel production.

Benzene is the most extensively-used petrochemical solvent in oil, coal, and gas production and is a known carcinogen. There are numerous case-examples of benzene pollution being linked to increases in leukemia, breast cancer, genetic defects, and weakened auto-immune functions. The most infamous incident of benzene contamination happened at the military training facility, Camp Lejeune, from the 1950s to 80s. While the fossil fuel production process alone pollutes the atmosphere with benzene emissions, industrial accidents and spills can further contaminate surrounding water supplies, fields, and residential areas without proper trauma cleanup teams working to secure the area.

Petroleum Coke (pet coke) is a by-product of tar sands bitumen oil processing that is increasingly used for fuel in place of coal. This heavy dust contains chemicals and heavy metals including chromium, vanadium, sulfur, and selenium. When burned, pet coke will evaporate into the atmosphere, and residents living close to pet coke plants have complained of difficulties breathing and other respiratory problems. Even if pet coke is not burned off into the air, dust runoffs and particles can seriously contaminate drinking water and agricultural areas.

This is only a glimpse of the hazardous materials used and produced in fossil fuel processing. You can find a more in-depth look at the full extent of these materials here. Our cleanup technicians can’t do much to prevent the regular pollution from fossil fuel processing plants and fracking, but we can help with industrial accidents and spills from these facilities. Contact ServiceMaster Absolute today for trauma scene cleanup services in San Diego, CA.