Every state has a standard of living that landlords and housing managements must meet to keep their residences in habitable conditions. For California, the state standards include anything that make a living space dangerous or uncomfortable to live in. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we provide trauma cleanup services in San Diego, CA for major problems involved with uninhabitable homes.

While things like ugly rugs and annoying neighbors don’t exactly make a residence unlivable by state standards, there are a number of small and large problems that can render a home uninhabitable.

Sanitation problems are the most prevalent issues we deal with when applying our trauma cleanup services to an uninhabitable home. We specialize in removing materials that are dangerous health risks and threaten the stability of a building structure. Often, past infestations of bees, cockroaches, termites, mice, or birds leave behind unhealthy dust, dropping, and other waste.

Other instances of improper sanitation our trauma cleanup services can tackle include standing water, sewage leaks, and noxious waste. Sometimes we encounter chemicals and toxic fumes leaking into the home from nearby contaminating locations. While we can’t move the home away from a manure or chemical plant runoff, we can clean up the dangerous materials inside the building and ventilate the HVAC/air handling system.

Our cleanup services also restore contaminated HVAC systems clogged with filth of all types including pollen, dust, and general debris. Unclean ventilation systems can seriously affect the health of the residents of a building, and any problems with the vent systems leave a building uninhabitable in the eyes of the state of California. The same is true for plumbing systems.

If you own an uninhabitable home or are looking for help cleaning and restoring an uninhabitable home, ServiceMaster Absolute can help. Contact us today for our trauma cleanup services in San Diego, CA.