San Diego County was the “meth capital of the world” in the ‘90s, but the problem hasn’t quite disappeared over the years. While the majority of the methamphetamine found in the area is manufactured in Mexico and smuggled into the U.S., plenty of labs still crop up all over the county. These labs are dangerous chemical reservoirs, and taking care of the situation needs to be handled immediately and delicately. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we provide professional trauma and crime scene cleanup and restoration in San Diego, CA.


Meth labs are chock full of dangerous chemicals, but some are more harmful than others. Our technicians are trained to handle safe cleanup of these hazardous materials:


Red phosphorus (or hypophosphorous acid as a substitute): Chemists and Breaking Bad fans know that red phosphorous can kill. This combustible non-metal element can explode with friction or on contact. If it’s heated to over 500°F (260°C), red phosphorous can ignite and release vapor that will severely damage the eyes, lungs, nose, and throat.


Freon: Freon products are halocarbon compounds. While these compounds are generally stable gasses or liquids, they can be dangerous if inhaled. Freon inhalation can cause sudden cardiac arrest and severe lung damage. These products often smell sickly sweet, but can also be odorless and colorless.


Anhydrous ammonia: This colorless, pungent gas is a nitrogen and hydrogen compound. If inhaled, anhydrous ammonia can cause edema of the respiratory tract and asphyxiation. Contact with this ammonia in gas or liquid form can cause eye and mucous membrane damage.


Hydriodic acid: This acid is essentially a liquid form of hydrogen iodide. It’s one of the strongest hydrohalide acids and releases vapors that are corrosive to the respiratory system and eyes. Hydriodic acid can also cause severe internal damage if it’s ingested.


Cleaning up meth labs poses hazardous conditions, especially for those who aren’t aware of the risks. However, our technicians are well-equipped to handle the volatile chemicals involved. Contact ServiceMaster Absolute for trauma cleanup and restoration in San Diego, CA.