When it comes to restoration jobs, there’s one factor that makes things a whole lot more difficult — stuff getting in the way. Whether we’re fixing up fire and smoke damage, performing water damage restoration, or doing extensive cleanup, if there’s clutter that’s lying around, it’s going to take longer, be more difficult, and reduce efficiency.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just make all your things go poof while the professionals take care of the restoration job? Well, while we might not be able to make your stuff disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye, we can offer the second best thing — temporary packing services.

How Temporary Pack Up Services Can Help You

When we do a restoration job, it’s important that the area is clear of obstacles so that we can work to the best of our ability. Unfortunately, that’s a hard sell for a lot of commercial buildings that may be full of furniture, office equipment, interior decorations, and so on. The last thing you want to do is spend hours upon hours of your time packing your stuff up, and even worse, transporting it somewhere temporary, just so a crew can do a restoration job for you.

We understand the burden this is to any building owner, residential or commercial, which is why we provide a service where we do it ourselves.

If you utilize our temporary pack up services, we’ll do all the heavy lifting ourselves — literally. We will pack up everything that needs to go, move it to a temporary storage space for you, AND bring it all back, putting everything back where it was originally. When you take advantage of this service, you won’t have to do an ounce of work. Want to kick back on a lawn chair and drink lemonade while we move your things? No problem!


Why Use Temporary Pack Up Services?

There are several reasons why it’s expedient to utilize our pack up services. If you’re still not sold on the idea, consider these benefits:

  • Things will have to move no matter what: Every job we do demands a certain amount of uncluttered space which ranges in scope depending on the job we’re doing and the damage done. Whether everything needs to go, or just stuff in the immediate vicinity, some things will inevitably have to move. Why not let the professionals do it?
  • It saves you time and effort: While you could do the job at a lower cost by yourself, you’re going to spend what could possibly be hours of time and effort doing one of the most un-fun things imaginable — moving heavy objects. Ask yourself, is that worth your time, or could you spend it doing something more productive while professionals take care of it?
  • We will move exactly what needs to be moved: Sometimes, it’s only a portion of the building that needs to be cleaned out. On other occasions, it might be necessary to completely clean house. If you let us do the job ourselves, we’ll pack whatever needs to go and leave everything else. It’s never fun to spend hours packing things for a restoration crew, only to find that you overpacked far past their needs.

Consider Temporary Pack Up Services For Your Next Restoration Job

Next time you need a restoration job, we encourage you to call SM Absolute and ask us about our temporary pack up services. It’s something that we’ve done for countless clients in the San Diego and Riverside areas, and we’d be happy to help you. Contact us today!