1. How Do You Know if You Have Water Damage?

    The beginnings of water damage are usually very slight at first.  Sometimes even un-noticeable.  It is important to be able to recognize the beginning of water damage before it worsens. Unfortunately, with water being the life source of virtually every living being, a consistent supply of water is…Read More

  2. 5 Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

    Although it is easy to spot water damage when it is spilling over your toilet or dripping from the ceiling, there are many cases of water damage that may not be so noticeable at first. Below are 6 signs of water damage you should always be on the lookout for in your home. Staying vigilant when it co…Read More

  3. Winterizing Your San Diego Home

    It's the middle of October and winter is fast approaching us here in San Diego, although it may not always feel like it. Seeing as we here at ServiceMaster Absolute cover a large service area that stretches from Oceanside to El Centro, along with various places outside that area, we get calls for a …Read More

  4. 7 Important Steps to Take When You Are Faced with Water Damage

    Alright, disaster has struck and now water is gushing from a busted pipe or ruptured appliance water supply line. Do you know what to do? (Note: “freak out” is not an acceptable response.) Stop the water flow at its source – Your first course of action is to figure out where the water is comin…Read More

  5. How to Restore Flood-Damaged Photographs, Books and Papers

    Oh no! Disaster has struck your home or office, water is everywhere and the clock is ticking down. Important paperwork, family photos and books have all been damaged by the flooding water – what do you do?! Restoring Your Flood-Damaged Books, Photographs & Paper For the best results, you will …Read More

  6. Water Damage Restoration: What to Keep & What to Toss?

    Judging what you should keep and discard can be a difficult task after your home has suffered water damage. Of course, anything that cannot be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected should be thrown out, along with any items that have been submerged for an extended period of time. To help you figure thi…Read More

  7. How to Quickly Dry Out Your Home to Mitigate Water Damage

    Whenever your home suffers water damage, you will want to cut off the water source and begin the cleanup process immediately. Doing so will minimize the amount of damage and greatly reduce the chances of mold – which will only exacerbate the situation. But how will you dry the area out first? Here…Read More

  8. Keep Your Roof in Good Repair to Prevent Water Damage

    It should be of no surprise that a roof in disrepair can easily lead to water damage. After all, your roof is your home's first line of defense during the rainy season, right? (Not to mention snow!) Given that roof leaks are a frequent source of water damage, it’s strongly recommended that you che…Read More

  9. Sparing Your Health and Home: The Importance of Water Cleanup

    Prompt & proper water cleanup is essential to minimize the amount of water damage to your home following a flood or fire. Failure to properly cleanup and dry water damaged areas will not only increase the risk of mold growth, but structural damage as well. When dealing with water damage, you sho…Read More