1. Historic California Winter Storms and Floods

      While living in California normally guarantees good weather, we know that isn’t always the case. When a storm and subsequent flash flood strikes, it can take weeks to recover and bring things back to the way they were before. If you have had flooding in your home, regardless of whether it…Read More

  2. Flooding in Your Basement?

    Whether it’s a burst pipe or storm damage that got into the house, you might be dealing with a flooded basement! When that water begins to collect, it’s time to contact the professionals who can help. We at SM Absolute are happy to serve San Diego and surrounding areas when it comes to water dam…Read More

  3. Top 6 Causes of Water Damage

    Water damage occurs whenever water begins to collect someplace it shouldn’t, whether that be your kitchen floor or the corner of your basement. No matter what the reason may be, you need to act fast! Contact SM Absolute for all your water damage restoration needs, and let our team of professionals…Read More

  4. Carpet and Ceiling Water Damage

    Unfortunately, water damage doesn’t tend to stop on its own. Once you see that your home has any sort of water damage, it is important that you act immediately by contacting a remediation company, such as SM Absolute! We know how to repair your San Diego home and ensure that no further damage is d…Read More

  5. 8 Tips to Avoid Bursting Pipes

    Even though we live in Coronado and our winters aren’t anything to fear, pipes can still burst! When a pipe bursts in your home, it can lead to a myriad of damages, expenses, messes, and headaches. We hope to help you avoid this problem with some of our tips! If you’re wondering what causes pipe…Read More

  6. Contacting Your Insurance Agent About Water Damage

    If your San Diego home has just suffered water damage, we understand how frustrating that can be. You need to figure out when the right time is to call insurance, you need to contact SM Absolute to clean up the mess, and you need to make sure to do it all quickly. Yikes! With all of that to think ab…Read More

  7. What Happens During Water Damage Restoration?

    You may have just experienced water damage in your San Diego home, but never fear - SM Absolute it here to help! When you have a pipe burst or an unexpected storm leave puddles behind in your home, you may not know what to do. First and foremost, do whatever you can to stop a leak if there is one! C…Read More

  8. How to Prevent Flood Damage

    When storms roll into San Diego, it’s important to know what damages can happen to your home! Regardless of whether the damage is a few inches of water on your floor or a flooded basement, water damage is never fun to handle. We at SM Absolute are in the business of cleaning up flood and water dam…Read More

  9. Is Your Sump Pump Working?

    If you have a basement or the foundation of your home is below the water table, you probably have a sump pump. It’s this magical little device that pumps water away from the base of your home and keeps the lowest level from flooding. Sounds pretty excellent, right? So, what happens when your sump …Read More