1. How to Protect Your Home Against Wildfires

    We’re approaching summertime, and for most California residents, that means several things — fun in the sun, days at the beach, hikes for days, and a sweet, sweet summer tan. Unfortunately, not everyone in California is blissful under the sun in this time of the year — this is also the season …Read More

  2. Get Rid of Your Odors With OdorKlenz!

    Getting rid of household odors permanently takes more than your typical air freshener. Household air fresheners simply mask odors and need to be replaced over and over again to hide smells that continue to exist. Fortunately, technology has evolved over the years, providing us with new and innovativ…Read More

  3. The Effects Fire & Smoke Can Have on Your Home

    Anyone who has had some kind of fire in their home, whether it is a candle fire or a grease fire, knows how traumatic and costly it can be. Fires can inflict a lot of damage on your home, and the damage is not always visible to the naked eye. Aside from the obvious damage inflicted by flames, there …Read More

  4. 4 Types of Damage Caused by House Fires

    When you think of a house fire, you’re probably mulling over all of the damage done by the flames and smoke, but what about the damage caused by the water used to douse the flames? As surprising as it may be, the fire itself is not always the most destructive force ripping through your home during…Read More

  5. Why You Should Hire a Fire Restoration Company

    After a fire, you may be anxious to get right down to business and start cleaning up the damage, but do you know exactly what you’re dealing with? Unless you have a clear understanding of the damage caused by a fire, you may be wasting your time or making the situation worse by causing additional …Read More