1. When to Call For Reconstruction Services: Part 2

    Welcome to part two of our blog! In our last post, we mentioned a few instances in which reconstruction services can be vital for your home or business building in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Here are just a few more reasons why you might want to call ServiceMaster Absolute for structural r…Read More

  2. When to Call For Reconstruction Services: Part 1

    At ServiceMaster Absolute, we offer a wide variety of restoration services that cover just about the entire spectrum of residential or commercial damage. One of our most important services, however, is structural repair and reconstruction. Perhaps the most ultimate form of restoration, we can quite …Read More

  3. Water Damage Statistics – Southern California

    A lot of people in southern California don’t think that water damage can cause many problems in their home, partially because Southern California doesn’t get that much rain and partially because they have never had any water damage to their home in the past. For those of you who haven’t experi…Read More

  4. Get Rid of Your Odors With OdorKlenz!

    Getting rid of household odors permanently takes more than your typical air freshener. Household air fresheners simply mask odors and need to be replaced over and over again to hide smells that continue to exist. Fortunately, technology has evolved over the years, providing us with new and innovativ…Read More

  5. What to expect after a flood

    Floods are scary and disorienting, no matter if it is from weather, structural damage or an internal factor like a broken pipe or over-active sprinkler system. Here are some guidelines for what to do after a flood occurs in your home or business: 1.  Structural & Electrical Safety Wood is soft …Read More

  6. Smoke Damage – Did You Know?

    House fires can be some of the most traumatic experiences for people, but what most people don't think about is what needs to be done after a fire.  There are still safety hazards after fires and restoration that needs to be taken care of that you may not know how to take care of them let along loo…Read More

  7. The Effects Fire & Smoke Can Have on Your Home

    Anyone who has had some kind of fire in their home, whether it is a candle fire or a grease fire, knows how traumatic and costly it can be. Fires can inflict a lot of damage on your home, and the damage is not always visible to the naked eye. Aside from the obvious damage inflicted by flames, there …Read More

  8. Water Damage: Why is Response Time so Critical?

    Water can be your best friend or your worst enemy, it all depends on the circumstances. On a hot summer day, water provides comfort in the form of a way to cool off if it’s confined within the lining of a swimming pool, or even a way to stay hydrated if presented in a water bottle. However, the si…Read More