Storms are a common part of our lives in San Diego. They range from the barely mentionable, all the way up to the nearly unimaginable. To guarantee the safety of your home during a storm, modern systems have been put into place. Rescue, alert systems, and community planning all play a vital role. But to some degree, your security depends on how well you can plan.

ServiceMaster Absolute has been providing superior storm damage restoration and water damage repair services in San Diego for years. We’ve cleared countless homes of storm damage; but to our team, your safety is always more important than our service.

Storm Safety Tips: Before a Storm

It is crucially important that you keep up to date with what is going on with the weather here in San Diego. Understand the difference between a storm watch and a storm warning.

  • Storm Watch: A watch means the conditions are right for a storm, flood, or hurricane. In this situation, stay up to date with changes of the weather, and be sure that you have a radio or television nearby displaying all relevant information.
  • Storm Warning: Storm activity has been spotted. Caution should be taken, and you should seek shelter or take appropriate action immediately.

Additionally, take care to build up these precautionary items:

  • A full first-aid kit: Include painkillers (aspirin for swelling and inflammation, and ibuprofen for pain), bandages, antiseptic, water purification tablets, and any other relevant safety items.
  • An emergency supply cache: A supply kit should include multiple days (3) worth of safe, sealed food, potable water, and quick, easy food that can be consumed without cooking.
  • Have a plan: Learn and understand local emergency warning systems. Build a family plan, including safe areas of the home and outside of the home in the event of an emergency.

Storm Safety Tips: During a Storm

The type of storm may have an impact on your planning and how to react. For flood-specific tips, look at our flood safety page. For thunderstorms and similar occurrences, keep reading:

  • Stay away from dangerous items. Electrical appliances, large or movable furniture, and unsecured appliances should all be avoided. A storm may cause these items to electrify unsafely or may cause them to move erratically.
  • Stay informed. Whether battery-operated radio, smartphone, or any other communication tool, keep up with weather reports and the news. You may need to know if important developments have occurred, or if the storm worsens, you may need to seek alternative shelter.
  • Stay safe. If there is a call to evacuate, follow it without delay. If your community information says homes or certain areas are unsafe, avoid them. The dangers of a storm are very, very real, and your immediate response is critical.

Flood and Storm Damage Repair in San Diego

Once the storm has passed, and you are certain you are safe, it’s time to make important phone calls. Contact:

  • Family and friends: Those who are aware of the dangers in your area need to be informed that all is well and that you are safe.
  • Your insurance company: Contact your insurance company immediately if damage to your home has occurred. There is some amount of paper to be gone through here, and getting the ball rolling quickly is imperative to returning to normalcy as soon as possible.
  • Storm damage restoration services: Water damage can occur within hours of storm damage, and to ensure a complete recovery, you need professional cleanup right away.

Contact ServiceMaster Absolute for storm damage repair and water restoration services in San Diego! We can guarantee your recovery will be quick, and our services are second to none.

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