A lot of carpet cleaning questions are addressed on forums, blogs, and DIY sites. Area rugs are often ignored when it comes to cleaning tips because, when it comes to cleaning area rugs, the range of materials, sizes, and shapes is immense and complex. Cleaning area rugs yourself can be extremely difficult, so ServiceMaster Absolute offers professional area rug cleaning services in San Diego, CA.

Just like any other type of carpet, area rugs need regular cleaning to maintain quality and longevity. Unfortunately, just vacuuming once a week doesn’t count as regular cleaning. Here are a few things you should know about when, how, and why you should clean your area rugs:

When to clean: Like any other cleaning questions about area rugs, the answer depends entirely on the material of your rug. For example, high quality oriental rugs, grass mats, and animal fur rugs should be cleaned sparingly, but machine-woven or braided rugs should be washed often (but dried thoroughly). Some indicators that your rug needs cleaning include odors, visible stains and dirt, or mold presence. If grass or rush mats are starting to crack or become dry, you may need to clean and treat them to keep the damage from getting worse.

Cleaning techniques: Again, this depends on the rug material, but most rugs will benefit from frequent spot cleaning if you use gentle cleaning materials and keep the rug from getting too wet. Mild soap and water is a good option for spot cleaning on most area rugs. Some sturdy, small, machine-made rugs can be machine washed inside a zipped pillow case or laundry bag. Natural fiber rugs—e.g. grass—should be cleaned as infrequently as possible. These are often reversible, so flip the rug over periodically to keep one side from wearing down. To deep-clean oriental or handmade rugs, you can hand-scrub, hose-rinse, squeegee, and then air-dry the rug. Never use a steam cleaner or washing machine to clean these rugs. To clean animal hide rugs, dust the top with a talcum powder, let it sit for a few days, and then vacuum it out. Wash the back with a mild detergent and sponge.

Why you should clean: When it comes down to it, you should clean your area rug for the same reasons you should clean any wall-to-wall carpet. Even the smallest rugs can collect dust, store allergens, and grow mold if not cared for properly.

If you want help with cleaning you area rug, contact ServiceMaster Absolute for professional carpet and area rug cleaning services in San Diego, CA.