Air freshener companies build their entire profit on making homes smell good, but these commercial air fresheners only cover up the bad smells and don’t address the source of the odor. Most odors can only be fully eradicated with professional odor removal. ServiceMaster Absolute offers odor removal in San Diego, CA for a range of causes.

Bad home odors can come from many average household sources such as pets, food spills, children, or tobacco. They can also can come from more serious sources that should be addressed as soon as possible:

Post-fire: If there has been a fire in your home—whether small or large—there is probably an acrid, sooty smell left behind. Part of our fire damage restoration services is complete ash and soot removal to get rid of carcinogenic substances and odors from carbon and air pollutants.

Post-water: Flood damage or even consistent high humidity can cause strange odors in the home. Essentially, any presence of excess water creates a perfect environment for mold to grow. Musky or sour smells are usually characteristic of health-hazardous mold.

Hoarding: This is a less common occurrence than many other sources of smells, but can make a building just as toxic and odorous as a fire or flood. If you are dealing with a home that has previously been a hoarding site, our trauma cleanup services can eliminate smells and other dangerous situations.

Crime Scene: Also out of the ordinary, crime scenes are a potential source of smell. When the traumatic first effects of a crime scene are subsiding, a bad odor can remain. That odor can come from bio-hazardous materials to bacteria and mold growth. With professional crime scene cleanup, the danger of a health-harming odor can be effectively taken care of.

Regardless of their origin, home odors can be an indication of a serious problem that can affect both health and home quality. Contact ServiceMaster Absolute today if you suspect you need odor removal in San Diego, CA.