ServiceMaster Absolute provides a variety of disaster restoration services for Chula Vista businesses.

Industrial accidents are startlingly devastating events that often harm many people and leave costly amounts of damage to repair. Whether the industrial accident involved product spillage, equipment failure, electrical problems, or was architecturally related, the cleanup is an undertaking you and your employees should never attempt alone. No matter the size of an accident, ServiceMaster Absolute can provide disaster restoration services in Chula Vista, CA.

We want to caution you against trying to shoulder disaster restoration by yourself or having your employees perform the cleanup. The aftermath of any industrial accident often includes precarious and heavy materials, dangerous chemicals or biohazardous materials, and exposed electrical lines. We are equipped to efficiently and safely execute any disaster restoration in Chula Vista, CA.

Two of the most common dangers in disaster restoration for an industrial accident are exposed electrical wires and downed power lines. Our ServiceMaster Absolute employees are trained to recognize the signs of these electrical problems. It’s much safer for us to help with your disaster restoration instead of you or your employees.

Unstable structures and machinery are also often present after an industrial accident. Like free flowing electricity, these dangers are usually invisible to those who haven’t been trained to recognize the signs of impending falling building material during a disaster restoration.

Chemicals and biohazardous materials are commonly present after an industrial accident in a processing plant, food manufacturer, or energy industry. Food spillage can be just as dangerous as other chemicals. If any of these substances are involved in an industrial accident on your company’s property, call us for our disaster restoration services.

Even if an industrial accident doesn’t seem hazardous to attempt cleanup alone, the side effects of the disaster can be hidden from the untrained eye. This, among other reasons, is why you and your employees should never attempt cleanup alone. The highly trained disaster restoration technicians at ServiceMaster Absolute can keep the situation safe and under control.