San Francisco may be the Californian city known for its earthquake troubles, but Southern California gets its fair share. Even San Diego gets hit by quakes from fault lines off the coast and residual effects from further north and south. Earthquakes are incredibly detrimental to structures and can cause a wide range of damage to homes and businesses. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we are well-versed in post-earthquake reconstruction services in San Diego, CA for any damage the rumblings may have caused.

It’s been almost five years since one of the largest earthquakes hit San Diego in April of 2010. The initial magnitude 7.2 quake hit 37 miles away in Mexicali, Mexico, and residual tremors shook San Diego with aftershocks for months. The damage caused by the earthquake included cracked walls, fractured waterlines and broken windows.

The effects in San Diego from the Mexicali quake may not seem like an enormous amount of damage, but for business and home owners, it’s just another trouble to stress over. Our reconstruction services are perfect for all quake related problems, whether large or small.

Aside from the high-magnitude earthquakes across Southern California, smaller and more frequent shakes are also common. In February of 2008 there were over 500 small earthquakes that spread from Mexicali to San Diego. One of the biggest problems of these small quakes is something called liquefaction.

Essentially, liquefaction is the loosening of the soil from the violent shaking. Liquefaction will deteriorate the strength and integrity of the soil, which means bigger problems in the long run for buildings and other structures.

Our reconstruction teams can detect problems that may be lurking in the future while we fix the damage that earthquakes have already imparted.

Contact ServiceMaster Absolute for reconstruction services today after any earthquake or other damage has hit your home or business.