Industrial trauma covers a range of industry-related accidents including injured workers, chemical spills, food spills, livestock deaths, and the list goes on. As a booming California coastal town, San Diego is no stranger to industry and encounters its fair share of industrial accidents each year. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we provide trauma cleanup services in San Diego, CA and the surrounding bay area.

Industrial accidents can be incredibly traumatic for employees and company owners, especially if they involve serious injury or death of a worker. These accidents can also leave a huge mess when spills and broken machinery are a part of the incident. These are messes that no one should have to clean up, and we are here so you or your employees don’t have to attempt the feat alone.

San Diego is home to Bumble Bee Foods LLC, where the death of employee Jose Melena in 2012 caused an upset within the company. Melena was trapped inside an industrial oven after he climbed in to repair a chain. Another employee, assuming that Melena was in the bathroom, loaded the oven and turned it on. Melena wasn’t found until much later, long after he was noticed as missing. His body was found in the exit side of the oven, and he was pronounced dead on the scene.

On April 27th, 2015, two supervisors, Saul Florez and Angel Rodriguez, were charged with an occupational safety and health violation causing a death in relation to Melena’s death. To learn more about the industrial accident at Bumble Bee Foods LLC, click here.

Cases like Melena’s death are incidents where our trauma cleanup services are perfect for handling the aftermath and mess of an industrial accident. We cover cleanup of biohazardous materials as well as fire damage and chemical damage. We are also available to cover industrial accidents outside of processing plants and factories, such as accident spills on the road.

If you experience an industrial accident in your company, you don’t have to take on the cleanup alone. Our ServiceMaster Absolute trauma cleanup services in San Diego, CA cover all messes, big or small. You can also learn more about industrial accidents in California here. Contact ServiceMaster Absolute in San Diego to learn more about the services we provide.