Industrial accidents are a phenomenon that every business and building owner are looking to avoid. They can cause a huge mess, cause you to burn through untold amounts of time and money, cause lawsuits, and in the worst cases, cause injury or death. To call them a “headache” would be putting it lightly — at their worst, they can be severe tragedies which permanently affect the lives of workers, or the business itself.

Unfortunately, they do happen, and no matter how far along your “days without incident” sign is, sometimes you just can’t anticipate an accident.

In the event that an industrial accident does happen in your building, it’s important to take a breath and consider the best ways to resolve it. While we can’t help with everything, we can provide professional industrial accident cleanup services, and we strongly advise against doing this job on your own.

Here are some reasons why industrial accident cleaning should strictly be left to professionals.

Biological Contamination

While this is a bit more macabre than usual for a blog post, it’s something that needs to be addressed if we’re talking about industrial accidents — bodily harm, whether it is relatively minor or fatal, can cause biological contamination and it should absolutely be handled by professionals.

In the event where a copious amount of blood is spilled, great care should be taken by an expert team who has the equipment to properly clean up the mess. Blood can seep into machinery, run through the floor, and more, and you should never take your chances. We have the equipment that’s necessary to completely clean everything up so not a trace remains.

If the worst should happen and there’s a fatality in your company, calling a company for industrial accident cleanup is a necessity. Appropriate steps need to be taken to ensure that the premises is completely restored from the biological mess that results from a deceased body, and it also avoids legal headaches when you can say that you had a professional company to clean up everything. In other words, you just really don’t want to take risks here. If you experience a death in your building, the cleanup should be the least of your worries — save yourself a headache by letting the experts take care of it instead of making things worse by trying to do it yourself.

Proper Cleaning Avoids Accidents in the Future

We aren’t going to pretend that we’re engineering geniuses or robotics experts. However, we do know that, when a major accident happens, great care should be taken to ensure that everything is restored to perfect working order. If things aren’t properly cleaned, you risk the possibility of debris or other materials jeopardizing your workplace.

If, for example, an accident happens with one of your industrial machines, failing to clean up perfectly could result in things getting caught up inside its interior, potentially causing a malfunction in the future. Or suppose you have a chemical spill — you don’t want a situation where you leave any region of your floor covered in a wet or sticky substance. Both options could potentially result in accidents due to the simple fact that they’re a deviation from the norm.

Industrial Accident Cleaning Helps to Avoid Lawsuits

What we do at ServiceMaster Absolute is damage restoration. The word restoration is important here because it implies a return to the original state of what was damaged. This is essential for industrial accident cleanup, because there needs to be no doubt in people’s minds that the area is safe to work in.

When you clean things up yourself, it’s just lacking that sense of authority that you need when people ask you, “is this going to happen again?” By all means, you should be resorting to the professionals in every aspect of the damage control, cleanup just being one of them. If your machine broke, you’d better hire an expert to repair it. If there was an injury, you should be bringing them to the doctor instead of treating it yourself. And, of course, if there’s a mess in the premises, you should call a restoration company to clean it up.

Calling the professionals at every corner helps to assure people that everything possible has been done to prevent another accident.

Cleanup Often Goes Hand-In-Hand With Repairs

With many industrial accidents, it’s highly possible for the resulting mess to be directly correlated with structural harm. If someone drives a forklift into the wall, for example, you’re looking at several degrees of damage — the wall may be broken apart, pieces of the forklift might be scattered about the ground, blood and biological waste could be running from the driver, and surrounding products could ostensibly fall into the vicinity from the impact.
While fallen products and items aren’t terribly hard to pick up (unless they were hazardous chemicals, in which case the problem is escalated), the same can’t be said for the broken wall. Unfortunately, a lot of building owners end up wasting a lot of money because they call different companies to take care of the incident — a cleaning company for the mess, and a construction company for the wall repairs.

However, it’s important for you to know that you often don’t have to double dip into professional services! If you call a company like SM Absolute, you can kill two birds with one stone. We offer structural repair services in addition to our normal damage restoration services. We could easily clean up the damage that’s caused by an accident, and repair it in the process! That’s something that’s going to be monumentally difficult for an amateur, no matter who you are.

Sanitation is Essential

Finally, one aspect of industrial accidents that’s not terribly uncommon is the accidental proliferation of harmful or toxic chemicals in the workplace. This is definitely something that shouldn’t be handled by an amateur, because the mere job of cleaning up chemicals can be a legitimate health hazard. Some chemicals are unsafe to touch, breathe, or maintain general proximity to for extended periods.

If you call a professional damage restoration company, you can bet they’ll have the supplies, expertise, and experience to completely take care of toxic accidents or harmful chemical spills. It’s not always as easy as simply spraying it with Windex and scrubbing away — every accident deserves its own special form of treatment.

We also know of the best ways to completely dispose of waste after the actual cleaning and sanitation has been done. In the same way that a traditional cleaning process doesn’t work for some chemicals, many of them also can’t be disposed of traditionally.

We’ve worked with just about every chemical under the sun and you can bet that we’re connected with the proper channels which will allow us to safely and responsibly dispose of toxic or hazardous materials.

Industrial Accident Cleanup in Chula Vista

At SM Absolute, we are no strangers to emergency damage restoration to the people of Chula Vista and the surrounding areas. As part of those services, we have provided industrial accident cleanup many times over to various businesses. It’s not the easiest job in our repertoire, but it’s by far one of the most important.

If you’re in a situation that calls for professional damage cleanup, we encourage you to contact us today. This is a job that shoudn’t be treated lightly. Whether you’re in Chula Vista, San Diego, Coronado, Riverside, or other surrounding areas in Southern California, we hope to hear from you soon.