Yes, we all believe in the power of a little air freshener spray, but that doesn’t mean your odor is taken care of! When your San Diego home has persistent odors that just never seem to go away, the problem may be much deeper than you think. Whether the issue is from a fireflood, or just through living in a home that seems to attract odors, you may want to consider some sanitation services from the professionals at San Diego’s SM Absolute!

Why Hire a Professional?

A professional doesn’t just cover up the scent; our job is to find the source of your odor issues and eliminate it. Many people know that the health of their floor is a crucial part in their own and their family’s health, but how many people take that information seriously? As it turns out, only about 15 percent of homeowners clean their carpet annually. Sadly, any problem that is causing such a persistent odor in your home is likely toxic to you and your family. So why hire a pro?

  • dreamstime_xxl_15439847We have the tools: You may have basic cleaning supplies, but we have the tools and knowledge to truly free your house from the source of the problem.
  • We have the training: Our employees know exactly what they are doing when they take on any job, especially one that requires expert sanitation services experience.
  • We have the knowledge: We know the best way to handle odor issues, regardless of the cause. Whether your odors were caused by pets or a fire, our professionals know the difference and how to respond appropriately.

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If you are ready to have the odor in your home taken care of once and for all, be sure to call SM Absolute, San Diego’s premier choice for sanitation services!