No one expects a disaster to hit their California home, especially in beautiful San Diego County. However, as we all know, accidents can happen. Perhaps the stove was left on accidentally and a small fire claimed part of your home. Or, an unexpected storm led to flash flooding, and now your basement has about four inches of standing water settling into all of your belongings. Whatever the damage may be, there is only one damage restoration company you can contact to trust to ensure that the mess will be handled quickly and completely.

San Diego County’s Best

We at SM Absolute are proud to assist those in San Diego County whenever disaster strikes! When it comes to choosing the best-of-the-best restoration companies, we are the team to call. Whether you need smoke damage restoration or water damage cleanup, our crew of professionals is ready to handle the mess. It’s important that you call as soon as you notice the damage, though. Don’t allow the problem to get worse!


San Diego Damage Restoration Services

When it comes to handling whatever has damaged your home or business, we know we can handle it. Water damage repair, fire damage restoration, and structural repair services may be our specialties, but we offer many additional services to the residents of San Diego County. We can take care of virtually any type of messy situation, including: