Hurricane season for the U.S. Pacific coast began on May 15th, and the southern coastline has already seen affected weather patterns from two Category 4 storms. Coastal cities like San Diego are always at risk of dangerous weather, especially during the summer hurricane season. Strong hurricane winds can pose a threat to homes and business, but you can count on ServiceMaster Absolute for reconstruction services in San Diego, CA and the surrounding area.

Though it’s still relatively early in the season, Southern California was greeted on May 28th with residual weather from the first hurricane of the season, Hurricane Andres. The storm formed south of Mexico and reached its peak on June 1st when winds hit 150 mph. Thankfully, by the time Andres hit the southern regions of the U.S., the winds had weakened.

Though Andres didn’t maintain high winds by the time it reached the U.S., there is always the possibility that storms later in the season could cause damage to homes and businesses on the Southern California coastline.

Hurricane Blanca formed late on May 27th as a weak low-pressure area in southern Mexico. By June 2nd it deepened to a Category 1 storm. On June 3rd, Blanca reached Category 4. Over the next few days, Blanca fluctuated between Category 1 and 4. The storm slowly moved up the coast and covered the east and west coasts of Baja. Blanca was predicated to dissipate by the time it reached Southern California as well.

Andres and Blanca are the earliest instances of two major hurricanes. The National Hurricane Center warns west coasters to stay wary of other possible storms that might affect the coast more severely than the past two. For more information on this hurricane season, visit the NHC website.

As San Diego county progresses into the summer, the risk of more dangerous hurricanes will continue. If you encounter home or business damage from hurricanes this summer, just contact us at ServiceMaster Absolute for reconstruction services in San Diego, CA.