April marks the end of the rainy season for Southern California, but the effects from winter and spring weather might still be lingering. Excessive moisture and damaged house framing are generally the problems caused by heavy rains and high winds. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we provide restorative construction services in San Diego, CA for any winter and spring storm damage.

Before calling any professional for reconstructive services, you should know what will be the best remedy for the damages you are facing. The following materials are your best options for durability, efficiency and affordability:

Dimensional Lumber: Despite new advances in build technology, saw-cut lumber still has its place in housing frames. Most lumber is cut from soft woods like pine. It may warp, but it’s the cheapest lumber and has a good compression rate. This means vertical beams can take a lot of downward-pressing weight.

Engineered Lumber: This specialized lumber is a composite of wood, glue, and resin. Though its more expensive than sawn lumber, it uses 30% more of the tree and can support more weight. The two common types of engineered lumber used are laminated veneer lumber (LVL beams) and I-joists. All the grains in LVL run in the same direction, so these beams are very stable and will support a lot of weight without sagging. Because of their distinctive shape, I-joists offer more stability and surface area for attachment.

Sheet Goods: Sheet goods are generally plywood or composite-wood and are used in tightening the skeletal frame of a house before the exterior/interior sidings are applied. They keep the frame from moving side to side, especially during strong winds.

Steel (bars and connectors): Steel isn’t commonly used in residential frames, but it can increase structural strength, especially where wood meets wood. Steel has a greater tensile strength than lumber, so pairing the two will increase a building’s resistance to the powerful elements of the Pacific Coast.

There is a lot to consider when rebuilding your home after storm or disaster-related damage occurs. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we are dedicated to helping you as much as we can by offering construction services in San Diego, CA. Contact us today!