The season of wetter, windier weather is beginning to appear in Southern California, and along with winter storms come greater risks for storm damage. Even in the past few weeks, ski season opened at Mammoth Mountain in the Sierras, and the coast and inland regions of San Diego County have seen a marked increase in precipitation. If you experience winter storm damage this year, contact us at ServiceMaster Absolute for emergency reconstruction services in San Diego, CA.

San Diego County sees an average increase of around 8 inches of precipitation from November to March, and with that rain comes stronger coastal and mountain winds. Storms this winter have the potential to damage these vital parts of your home:

  • Roofs: Whether you have asphalt, clay, tile, or metal shingles, your building offers its roof to the sky. Because your roof is one of the most exposed parts of your home, it can often sustain water damage during heavy rains and wind damage during storms. Even the slightest amount of damage can open the gateway to more serious structural problems.
  • Foundations and basements: While they sit a bit more out of the wind than your roof, your building’s foundation and basement are also susceptible to winter storm damage. Floods can leave your foundation cracked or weakened from excessive moisture. After a long summer drought, winter rains can collect on the top soil surface, increasing chances of natural flooding in and around your basement.
  • Windows: Windows can easily be damaged by strong winter winds. Old or cheap glass panes can be broken more easily than sturdier types, and large panes can also crack from wind pressure. Buildings along the coast and in the mountain regions will experience the strongest winds in San Diego County, and home and business owners in these areas may see the most window damage.
  • Building frames: The interior skeletal frame of any building can sustain damage during the wet season in San Diego County. Ground water and building floods can impart moisture upon wooden frames and metal beams, leading to rot and corrosion. Even high winds during winter storms can push some home frames beyond points of stable flex.

These major parts of your home or business are only some of the sections you may see problems with this winter. Contact us at ServiceMaster Absolute for winter storm damage reconstruction services in San Diego, CA.