Welcome to part two of our blog! In our last post, we mentioned a few instances in which reconstruction services can be vital for your home or business building in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Here are just a few more reasons why you might want to call ServiceMaster Absolute for structural repair and reconstruction services.

When You Just Want to Do Some Preventative Maintenance

Did you know that structural repair services can come in handy even when there’s nothing to reconstruct? That’s right, if you just want to fortify your building and order preventative maintenance that will ensure the survivability of your building, we can help with that too.

Did you know that every building gets weaker as time goes on? Obviously, residential and commercial buildings are designed to last, and you don’t need to worry about them just falling apart after a certain period of time — every building has to comply with certain safety standards and everything has to go through strict approval processes.

However, just because your building won’t randomly spontaneously collapse doesn’t mean that it doesn’t become more susceptible to damage over time. Let’s take earthquakes, for example. If your foundation hasn’t been touched for years and years and nothing has been done to keep your building up to date, it could ostensibly be more vulnerable to the shaking earth than other buildings that are newer, or which have had continual maintenance done to their structures.

When Your Drywall Needs Work

Some reconstruction and structural repair jobs aren’t massive in scale — sometimes they deal with the smaller things, such as when your drywall is falling apart. There are plenty of reasons for this. Maybe you had a water leak that turned your wall into weird colors and broke a hole through it. Maybe the angry guy at the office got pranked and ended up punching a hole through the wall. Whatever the cause is, our reconstruction services can handle any drywall job.
We can make sure that your drywall looks brand new. We can patch up existing holes, fortify the drywall that currently exists, or if you really want to get crazy, we can tear the whole thing down and replace it with something new.

When You Want New Painting and Flooring

Similar to the point above, if you’re in need of minor renovations such as installing new flooring, fixing what’s already there, or ordering an extravagant new paint job, we’ve got you covered. Paint in particular can be picky and decide when it wants to come off and chip away. If you don’t get a new painting job that’s handled by professionals, you could make the problem worse by painting over it and causing uneven layers, or by using a color that’s slightly off from the original tone, even if it looked like it was the same on the can.

San Diego Reconstruction Services

Whether you need brand new construction to bring life back to a building that’s been almost completely destroyed, or simply ordering fairly simple renovation and repair services, we know that we can meet your every need here at ServiceMaster Absolute. We serve the areas around greater San Diego and Riverside, so we’ll come to your service whether you’re in those cities, or others such as Chula Vista, Corona, and Carlsbad. Contact us today!