When mold strikes your home or business, the aftermath is never fun! Mold can be a mild irritant at best and extremely dangerous at its worst. When you need mold removal for your Chula Vista or San Diego home, we understand that it can be hard to know what exactly to expect. Here is an outline of the general mold removal process:


In order to remove the mold successfully, we will need to have all our tools set up for success. Don’t be surprised about any protective gear we may be wearing (such as masks), as these items are only for our safety and are standard at any project site. We will also be laying down protective materials to ensure that your home remains safe from mold spreading to other areas. After we feel as though your home and belongings are protected, we spray the mold area with biocide, which works on killing the mold spores.


To ensure that mold is done growing and spreading in your home, we spray encapsulant on and beyond the infested surface. This keeps the mold from returning in nearby places where spores could have reached.

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When water damage strikes, it can often lead to mold. Be sure you are checking frequently to ensure that your home hasn’t become the new breeding grounds of mold after your home has suffered damage! If you are in need of mold removal and remediation services, please call us today. We are proud to serve Chula Vista and the San Diego area when they need us most.