As the heat advisory from October 8th decreases and moisture increases, homeowners may need to start paying more attention to their air ducts and vents. With less use during the winter months, air conditioning systems begin to collect moisture and warmth in the usually cold and dry ductwork. An unused air conditioning unit can be a perfect place for mold to grow. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we recommend you take advantage of our services this fall and winter for mold removal in San Diego, CA.

Living with mold in your home can not only affect your house’s superficial appearance, it can also damage its structural stability, your belongings, and your health. Noticing the signs of mold in your air ducts and vents is the first step towards a cleaner, healthier home.

How do you know?

One of clearest indicators of mold in your vents is the smell. Most molds have a distinctive musty, earthy smell, and mildew has its own sour scent. Having mold growing in your ventilation system can quickly saturate the air with spores, leading to spreading growth and greater chances of health problems.

What can it do?

Mold in your inactive air ducts and conditioning units is a problem that could lead to isolated visible growth and a slow spread of spores throughout the home. Mold in your active air ducts and conditioning units, on the other hand, is quite another problem. Mold spores can travel almost instantly when pushed along currents going through active air vents and conditioning units. This gives spores a chance to thrive in other environment

Realizing you may have mold in your air ducts and conditioning units is the first step to eliminate the problem entirely. We recommend calling in a professional if you have mold in your air conditioning unit and ventilation system, but you can prevent mold growth by keeping your systems clean and dry during their “off” season. Regularly check for leaks, collected moisture, dust, and debris. Remember, if you need help or have questions concerning mold removal in San Diego, CA, contact us at ServiceMaster Absolute.