Mold is never something you want to find in your Chula Vista home, but sometimes, it can be unavoidable. If you find yourself in need of mold removal and remediation services, call the professionals at SM Absolute today. We can tackle the problem and make sure the mold does not come back! In the meantime, we’ve compiled some interesting facts about mold and the potential illnesses and complications it causes:

  • Mold is linked to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, which is a combination of illnesses that stem from a person’s home or working environment. The main cause is poor air quality that usually stems from water damage.
  • The internet claims that spraying bleach on to mold can help, but this is not the case! In fact, spraying chemicals on mold can actually make the situation worse. Dead mold spores are just as dangerous to human lungs as living ones, so calling a professional is necessary.
  • There is a link between mold and miscarriages, so be sure that if you are pregnant, you take care of your mold issues immediately.
  • Taking vitamin D on a regular basis can actually help you fight off any mold allergies you might have!
  • Mold is an allergen, so it can often lead to skin rashes.
  • Mold eats just about everything – wood, fabric, concrete, metal, and plastic – but it won’t eat a McDonald’s Happy Meal.
  • Mold is used in biological warfare. Specifically, the T-2 mycotoxin is so harmful that about 90 percent of the US army’s biological warfare research is conducted on this toxin specifically. In aerosol form, it’s referred to as “yellow rain.”
  • Mold in schools in linked to sickness. When children are exposed to mold, they often develop respiratory illnesses and are forced to stay home. It is estimated that one-third of schools have issues with their air indoors and the cleanliness.
  • Christmas trees cause allergies because of mold. In fact, increased asthma complaints in the winter caused Dr. John Santilli to take a closer look into Christmas trees. A study showed that Christmas trees often held mold spores and were causing people to get sick during the holidays.
  • Mold damage costs more than half a trillion dollars each year. This comes from the cost of asthma caused from mold, healthcare, and the cost of removal.
  • Almost all sinus infections are caused by mold. The mayo clinic published a study in the 1990s that claimed that most chronic sinusitis is caused by mold but is then blamed on bacteria.

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Mold removal is serious business. After all, being exposed to mold for too long can lead to a myriad of health problems that can cost you more in the long run than just mold removal alone. If you aren’t sure if you have mold, yet you’ve recently suffered from water damage in your home, it’s imperative that you have your home checked for mold. Call the professionals at SM Absolute today. We would be happy to come to your Chula Vista home and take care of any mold issues you might be having. Contact us now!