MoldMold can appear anywhere in a building where there is a consistent level of moisture. Basements, showers, and kitchens are common mold sites, but mold can also appear in unexpected areas like inside windowsills and behind wallpaper. Finding and eliminating mold can be a tricky business, especially when the growth leads to a pest problem as well. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we offer comprehensive mold removal services in San Diego, CA to take out mold before the bugs appear.

There are several reasons why bugs may appear more readily in your home or business if you’re already struggling with a mold problem. The connection between bugs and mold is often environment-related, but sometimes there is a direct link between the two.

The most common reason why bugs are more likely to be present around a mold infestation is because they enjoy the same damp environment mold prefers. While mold is more inclined to grow in moist areas, it can also prevent those areas from drying out, which allows more mold to grow. Eventually, bugs like phorid flies and fungus gnats will have a perfect place to deposit their larvae. Other insects are likely to develop in moldy environments like fruit and additional organic materials.

Larger insects like termites and cockroaches can be more likely to appear where mold is present because moldy environments increase the availability of their food source. These bugs may not eat the mold itself, but their common food sources, like wood, paper, and other organic materials, can break down under contact with mold, making them much more accessible to these insects.

Other insects prefer to feast on the mold growing in your home or business. Common mold-eating insects include species like booklice and grain beetles. These bugs are common in new homes that have developed mildew, and can be found in rugs, books, furniture, and food items.

Eliminating mold from your home or business won’t keep bugs from ever appearing, but it can certainly decrease the chances of pests. Removing mold will also create a much healthier environment and keep your building from sustaining mold-related damages. Contact ServiceMaster Absolute today for mold removal services in San Diego, CA.