Life in sunny Southern California may not bring to mind mold infestations, but mold is a hearty little organism, and it can grow in San Diego homes just as it can in damper climates. To take root and flourish, mold only needs a source of water and organic material for food—both readily available in most homes. At ServiceMaster Absolute, we help you fight mold with our professional mold removal services in San Diego, CA.

Why mold appears:

  • Mold is a kind of fungus. Like mushrooms or other fungi, it decomposes dead organic materials to use as a source of food. If mold shows up on concrete or other inorganic surfaces, an organic material coats that surface.
  • Along with a food source, mold also needs to have a constant source of water. Some molds need high levels of moisture, but others can survive on slight water vapors in the air. This is why mold thrives in damp basements, bathrooms, and kitchens.
  • Even if mold has the basic materials to thrive, it can’t survive in temperatures below 40º F and above 100º F. That’s why mold can grow in your fridge, but not your freezer.

 How mold spreads:

  • Mold directly reproduces from the first growth spot with tiny strands called hyphae. These strands take root across an area of organic material, and a small colony can quickly expand to a larger infestation simply using hyphae.
  • Mold can also expand over longer periods and larger distances with spores. These spores are similar to seeds and can survive colder, hotter, or dryer conditions that mold itself can’t withstand.
  • Mold spores are everywhere in the air, outdoors and in, but they will only grow into damaging mold if they come into contact with an inviting environment.

 Preventing mold growth:

The simple answer to preventing mold growth is to keep your home dry; however, this is easier said than done. While it can be nearly impossible to keep all of your home completely dry at all times, there are ways to minimize excessive moisture buildup:

  • Dehumidifiers work wonders for damp basements and attics.
  • Always use bathroom vents when showering.
  • Using fans and leaving windows open during dry, warm weather can also help.

If you are struggling with a mold infestation, contact us at ServiceMaster Absolute for mold removal services in San Diego, CA.