January is National Staying Healthy Month, which most people associate with eating right and exercising. It should also include focusing on some important parts of your life and home that may pose health threats. For example, taking steps to get rid of mold in your home is a great way to pay tribute to January and to keep your family healthy. ServiceMaster Absolute offers professional mold removal services in Chula Vista, CA for any kind of mold that could be growing in your home.

Mold doesn’t look very dangerous. It’s just a fuzzy little discoloring on your walls, floors, or ceiling, right? Wrong. Mold can be very damaging to the human body. These are just a few possible diagnoses related to mold sickness.

Fibromyalgia: If you or someone in your home is diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it could be related to a local mold growth. Because doctors don’t know the exact cause of fibromyalgia and the symptoms are an exact mirror of mold sickness, there is a chance they are related. Symptoms of both include restless sleep patterns, injuries, infections, abnormalities of the nervous system, and changes in muscle metabolism. These symptoms could be an indicator that you need a doctor and potentially mold removal services.

Asthma: We’ve all heard of asthma, an affliction that usually presents itself in childhood. However, sometimes people can be diagnosed with asthma for no apparent reason. On the other hand, asthma has often been connected to fungal infections, and those treated for mold sickness can fully recover from their diagnosed asthma. Mold is a horror story when introduced to the human body. Instead of just clogging the system with dead spores, it continues to grow inside us. You can easily prevent this by calling for our mold removal services.

Emphysema: Emphysema has similar symptoms to asthma, but is actually a destructive disease in the lungs. While it’s causing asthmatic symptoms, it’s also working to slowly break down lung tissue. Those treated with antibiotics against mold sickness have often lessened or stopped having emphysema symptoms.

These diseases are terrifying to think about afflicting any member(s) of your family, but fortunately, we are fully equipped to tackle mold removal in the Chula Vista area. Call us in honor of January’s National Staying Healthy Month to keep your family safe.