If your Indio home has seen some destruction lately, it’s time to call the professionals from SM Absolute. With our professionalism and a passion for what we do, we can guarantee that your home will soon be restored to the way it was before! We handle everything from smoke damage to flood damage, and we can’t wait to give you back your space. We offer the following services:

  • Mold Removal: Did you know that mold has a tendency to grow back if it is not completely cleared away? Even one spore left behind can lead to just as much trouble as it was before you cleaned up the mess. Keep your family and yourself healthy by calling us to help.
  • Water Damage Cleanup: Flooding can ruin some of your most cherished belongings, and it can also lead to mold if not taken care of immediately. Reach out to us today to receive help with your flooding problem within the hour!  
  • Fire Damage Repair: Whether you need the smell of smoke removed from your home and furniture, or if your walls are now covered in soot and you’re not sure what to do, call us. We know just what to do after a fire to bring your home back to the way to was before.

We Serve Businesses, Too

Accidents can happen anywhere, including businesses. If your business is not running as it should because of flooding, a fire, or mold, it’s time to give us a call. We will be there soon and let your employees get back to what they need to focus on!

Indio’s Restoration Choice

No matter what you need our team for, we guarantee that we can help. With our knowledge, tools, and passion for what we do, our crew is ready to rush to your home or business and give you back your space and peace of mind. Take a breath, give us a call, and let us show you the SM Absolute difference.