The risk of flood damage in San Diego and the surrounding areas is one that is ever-present, both to residents and business owners alike. And while modern safety systems, critical response teams, and overall citywide preparedness has improved, it isn’t always the solution you need in a time of distress.

ServiceMaster Absolute has provided our San Diego consumers with water and flood damage cleanup services for nearly thirty years. But, there is a point more critical to us than complete cleanup services — your safety. In times of flood, personal and family preparedness is the key to remaining safe and secure.

Flood Safety Tips: Before Flooding Occurs

Before a flood even happens, it is critical to have preemptive safety measures in place:

  • Build an emergency kit. Comprehensive medical supplies, antibiotics, antiseptic, and bandages should always be available in your emergency kit. A flood itself may not pose too much risk of injury, but debris and swift movement can pose risks of sprains and cuts that are an immediate risk of contamination.
  • Food and water supplies. As a rule of thumb, keep enough food and water in your home to comfortably provide for a family for three days. This food should be kept somewhere easily accessible. Additionally, ensure that your water supply is not tap or city water, but purified bottled water.
  • Create a plan. Any family, friends, or loved ones who may be involved in a potential flood should be familiar with a comprehensive safety plan. Know where to go within the home, and where to go if you need to seek higher ground.

Flood Safety Tips: During a Flood

  • Avoid electrical components. In a flooded house or business, it is crucial that you do not use rooms that are at ground or floor level as a safe area, especially those that house outlets or operating electrical equipment. Take note of any buzzing or crackling sounds that may indicate electrified water and steer clear.
  • Collect information. Keep up with weather and emergency reports with phones or a battery-powered radio or television system. Information is critical, as you may need to know when to seek higher ground, or when official help is on the way.
  • Follow official statements. If a call to evacuate is given, follow the order. This order is only issued if the incoming flooding poses harm to you and your family, and it should be taken very seriously. Your personal belongings are not as important as your loved ones.
  • Do not attempt to ford flood water. Attempting to cross floodwater is exceptionally dangerous. It takes no more than six inches of moving water to trip up even large adults, and two feet is capable of lifting you entirely.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Once the dangers of a flood have passed and the professionals have told you it is safe to return to your home, you need to make three important contacts:

  • Family and friends: Those who are aware of the dangers in your area need to be informed that all is well and that you are safe.
  • Your insurance company: Contacting your flood insurance company and getting things started is crucial to moving toward a recovery and a return to normalcy. Be sure that you specifically have flood insurance, as most home insurance packages do not specifically include it.
  • Flood damage cleanup services: Further damage to your home is a serious threat. Water damage can occur within hours of a flood, and to ensure a complete recovery, you need professional cleanup right away.

Contact ServiceMaster Absolute for flood restoration and damage cleanup in Southern California! When you need services you can trust, our experts can provide dependable service that ensures the recovery of your home.

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