We’ve all heard about the horrors of house fires, but are you aware of the likely causes? While you might guess arson or some other equally dramatic conflagratory device, the real cause is often from something within the home, including those listed below. Here at ServiceMaster Absolute, we want you to be aware of all these possible fire risks, and know that you can always call us for fire restoration in Chula Vista, CA.

1) Cooking equipment: Hot oil or grease splattering from pans can make cloth or other flammable materials burst into flames. Gas stoves can also catch things near the flame, ending in a house fire.

2) Heating equipment: Fireplaces are especially the culprit of fires, but furnaces can also be the cause. Have these systems checked regularly to prevent house fires.

3) Absentminded smoking: If you smoke in the house, use large ashtrays and smoke far from flammable materials. Never smoke in bed, and always check couches and soft chairs for cigarette butts.

4) Electrical equipment: If you have frayed wires on your appliances or other electrical devices,  you should check and replace these. Don’t overload any extension cords, and never run heavy wiring under carpets. Any of these could be the cause of a house fire.

5) Candles: Similar to cigarettes, careless use of candles could go up in flames. Don’t leave candles burning overnight or while you are out of the home.

6) Inadequate wiring: Older homes often have weakened or wrongly wired electrical systems. Signs of this can be weakened power from one source to another. Have your wiring inspected to minimize chances of a house fire.

7) Flammable liquids: Most of these are obvious, but if you aren’t sure whether a substance is flammable, check the label. Store flammable liquids in a safe, ventilated, temperature-friendly space.

8) Christmas tree decorations: It happens every holiday season even if you don’t hear about it. Christmas lights next to flammable tree limbs and paper ornaments can be a combination for disaster. Take extra caution with your tree and lights to stop house fires from starting.

House fires can’t always be stopped, but you can minimize the risk by knowing and taking steps to prevent these common causes of house fires. If the unthinkable happens, remember that you just need to call ServiceMaster Absolute for fire restoration in Chula Vista, Escondido, or Carlsbad, CA. We can help you restore your home, and your peace of mind.