A summer in San Diego is one that is full of fun activities, beautiful sunny days, and plenty of opportunities for parties and entertainment. But unfortunately, many of the things we find fun can (but not necessarily will) present a real risk for home and vehicle fires.

At ServiceMaster Absolute, our primary goal aside from superior service is to augment the safety and security of our patrons. Your health and safety are hugely important to us! To keep secure this summer season, read along to find some quick and easy home fire prevention tips!

Fire Prevention in San Diego

Worry not, these tips aren’t going to suck all of the fun out of the season. They’re quite simple, and mostly aimed at basic prevention. To reduce the risk of fire in your home, be sure to:

  • Use proper equipment. If you intend to run electrical appliances outside, be sure you’re using extension cords that are designed for that specific purpose. Namely “outdoor” cords for outdoor use. You’ll note that they state this property on the packaging, and they provide a more durable option for power that is less likely to react poorly with weather and potential tampering.
  • When cooking, use awareness. Never leave cooking food alone, or cooking appliances on when out of the room.
  • Ensure your extinguishers are up to date. If you haven’t done so lately, have your extinguishers inspected by professionals. These tools are something you need to be able to rely on if you need to stop a small fire from spreading!
  • Keep electrical equipment away from water sources. Pools, sprinklers, or even a water gun fight are all potential electrical fires waiting to happen if you have a lapse in awareness. Plan water sports away from activities like cooking, and away from all electrical equipment.
  • Keep smokers outside. A party is bound to have a smoker or two present, and you may be fine with allowing them to do so in your home. But during lively events, the risk of dropping hot ash or a cigarette on flammable surfaces is very high. Please ask your smokers to take it somewhere safe!
  • Grill safety. Always ensure your grill is a minimum of ten feet from the home, patio, or deck when in use. Additionally, establish a “grill zone” where nothing flammable comes within three feet of the grill while in use. Also be sure to clean your grill after every use to avoid buildup of flammable byproducts and char.

Fire Remediation and Restoration with ServiceMaster Absolute

Fire is rarely a guarantee, and our team would like to see you do everything in your power to avoid a fire-related incident this summer season! But when fire prevention fails, and you’ve incurred fire damage in your home, our remediation specialists can provide the restoration service you need. Contact us today to learn more, or to set an appointment!